June 12 - 16, 2024

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As every year, the Real Aeroclub de España together with the Real Aeroclub de Sevilla, organizes the Vuelta Aérea a España 2024 - which this year makes the 50th edition and that together with the XXXIII Trofeo de SM el Rey, we will commemorate the XX anniversary of the successful Patrulla Aspa. 

As in previous years, we are looking forward to magnificent adventures, endearing moments, incredible experiences and, of course, many adventures that we are sure you will enjoy. 

This year the tour will start in the south, to discover the entire eastern peninsular on a route that will offer breathtaking landscapes, beautiful sunsets by the sea.  

Come on, don't miss this opportunity to become the new buccaneer of the air and sign up now for the new 2024 edition. You won't regret it!

The history

of the Air Tours

The aerial tours of Spain are born from the discipline of aerial rallies, a union of the concepts of rally flying and precision flying. This type of competition began to develop in the interwar period, which included the flight to a distant point, among other tests, such as hunting and cross-country skiing.

A part of the society, longing for excitement and adventure, was attracted by this new means of transportation, popularizing it, which accompanied the development of new aircraft and engines, both with improved performance. The tests of expertise in air navigation are multiplied in Europe and the United States. 

Exponent of this adventurous ardor is the creation of the first aeropostal lines, in which the suffering and sometimes tragic life of their pilots is, except for their families, blurred by the romantic halo that surrounds these flights to distant and inhospitable lands. It was the wonderful twenties.



The idea of a helicopter demonstration patrol was born from the initiative of a few 78th Wing instructor pilots. The Hughes 300 was the helicopter used at that time for basic training. They started training with 3 helicopters and gradually added a fourth and, finally, a fifth.

With the arrival of the EC120 in 2000, with improved flight capabilities, these pioneers took the opportunity to devise a demonstration table, during training flights. Once polished and practiced, with the approval of the Chief of the 78th Wing, on September 23, 2003, Air General González Gallarza, JEMA (Chief of the Air Staff) at that time, was invited and was so satisfied with the display that he signed the creation of the Aspa Patrol, performing its first official display on May 16, 2004, on the old runway of the Tablada Air Base in Seville on the occasion of the Air Festival organized by the Real Aeroclub de Sevilla that commemorated the 75th anniversary of the flight of the "Jesús del Gran Poder". Note that the aircraft do not yet have the Patrol's paint scheme.

The most outstanding particularity of the Aspa Patrol is that it is the only patrol in the world whose evolutions are performed by five helicopters at the same time. This makes it very special and in demand in aerial exhibitions.


Sailing East June 12 - 16, 2024

This year, as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Aspa Patrol, the place of departure could not be other than the Armilla Air Base, where together with the members of the 78th Wing we can enjoy a unique day of coexistence. 

The next day we will leave to discover new horizons and with the dominant view of the Mulhacén, we will head to the Levantine coast to land at the Castellón aerodrome, where we will be able to admire the beautiful sunset next to the beach. With no time to rest, the following day we will take off to one of the aerodromes never seen before in the Tour of Spain, the Sabadell aerodrome where we will enjoy the always splendid Barcelona and we will finish the following day at the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome to enjoy the magnificent closing dinner at the RACE facilities, which is beginning to become a tradition in the aeronautical field.

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The Tour of Spain is organized by the Real Aeroclub de España together with the Real Aeroclub de Sevilla. For questions or doubts you can contact in the following links:

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